Bruun Design Bespoke Handmade Kitchens

design: process

We recognize that a bespoke kitchen is a big investment and you want to get it right. No matter what your budget a great design will always be functional and a joy to use, so finding a sympathetic designer is essential to planning your kitchen. We believe the success of any project is down to a detailed design brief. We need to discover your likes and dislikes, how you live, cook and entertain and also what your requirements are as an individual or as a family. The result of this process is individually tailored solutions and innovative designs that meet – or exceed – expectations.


Step 1:  Initial meeting
In this first meeting Steve Bruun will visit you at home or on site to discuss and develop a brief for your kitchen or project. He will also survey the space. This will take about two hours.


Step 2:  Concept generation and costing
After this first meeting, Steve will produce a plan of the space with some initial design concepts and will generate an approximate cost for the project.



Step 3:  Presentation of design concepts
Steve will show you the design and talk through the ideas behind them, give you a specification and approximate cost. (The designs are not released at this stage.)


Step 4:  Project development
When you decide to take the project further you will need to pay a design fee, and this will be deducted from your final quotation. Steve will then listen to your views, ideas and feedback. He will then produce more detailed drawings, including a plan and elevations. This step usually requires several meetings to finalise the design, materials and quotation.


Step 5:  Final agreement
At this stage you will need to sign a contract and pay a deposit. With the design agreed we can start to make your design a reality.


Step 6:  Implementation
While we make your project, you can have as much or as little involvement as you want. When we deliver and install your kitchen, we will do so with consideration for you and your home.